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Sprint Workforce Locator

Zoom in on efficiency with Sprint Workforce Locator.

Location, location, location applies to business as well as real estate, especially when you have a mobile workforce. That's why Sprint offers Sprint Workforce Locator, a web-based tool to notify customers of schedule changes; locate the closest driver to a pickup or delivery and handle more jobs in less time.

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Monitoring & Security for the Mobile Workplace

TextGuard provides a complete mobile communication monitoring and archiving solution and ensures compliance with the rules and regulations of all relevant regulatory bodies.

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TextGuard Inc.

Sprint Mobility Management

Consolidates your mobile spending within one user-friendly tool

Sprint Mobility Management eliminates the hassle of managing multiple mobile services, carriers, plans and applications with one integrated solution to support your business success.

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    FaceR CredentialMe

    Animetrics Inc.

    FaceR CredentialME is a 2 factor authentication solution designed to secure critical data and app...Read more

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    TigerText is the leader in secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging for healthcare organizations. T...Read more

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    Emantras, Inc.

    An award-winning mobile learning application, Mobl21 brings the flexibility of mobile technology ...Read more


FaceR MobileID provided by Animetrics Inc.

FaceR MobileID by Animetrics now makes mobile facial recognition biometrics convenient and practical. Developed to address the unique needs of law enforcement, private security, Homeland Security, Civil Defense and military.
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  • Eservice
  • FaceR CredentialMe
  • FaceR MobileID
  • FleetSafer Vision
  • Mobl21
  • TextGuard
  • TigerTextPRO
  • Timecard GPS
  • WorkSpace Collaboration
  • TigerTextPRO Message Archiving
  • Sprint Mobility Management
  • Sprint Workforce Locator
  • Agilis
  • Air-Trak
  • AirClic
  • Cheetah
  • Comet Tracker
  • NetMotion
  • pdvConnect
  • StreetSmart
  • TeleNav Track
  • Trimble GeoManager
  • Xata Turnpike
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